Harness the power of your data.

Securely share files with
anyone, anywhere.

  • Share securely via email, the cloud, or repositories like Box, Dropbox or Google Drive
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies travel with your files at the data level
  • Files will be unreadable to unauthorized users
  • Unauthorized individuals who receive files may request access; the file originator can decide who is authorized to view or edit
  • Works with applications you use every day (Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF and more) and on both desktops and mobile devices

Share files for a limited time, with just the right people.

  • Perfect for situations when you want to tightly control access
  • Allow one-time access to files
  • Place a “time bomb” that automatically renders a file unreadable at set time
  • Revoke access instantly, at any time, even if the recipient has the file open

Create a hyper-secure virtual deal room in an instant.

  • Collaborate securely beyond the walls of the enterprise
  • Assign security to documents being exchanged by multiple organizations
  • Data access expires once the engagement is complete
  • Useful for contracts, negotiations, mergers/acquisitions, and other confidential transactions

Instantly secure any data in
any cloud.

  • Works with repositories like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft to protect documents after they leave their secure homes
  • Prevent the risk of people working around approved storage solutions
  • Complement your existing storage solution with the ultimate protection

Track and audit your data. Everywhere.

  • Deep data access and usage visibility and analytics
  • Know who is viewing secure documents and when
  • Know which authorized recipients have not viewed your data
  • Find out precisely where files are being viewed with geo-location tracking
  • See if documents were forwarded beyond their original recipients

Send secure and trackable
file blasts.

  • Send out “one-to-many” messages with links to files or attachments, knowing they will be read only by intended recipients
  • Set files to expire once their contents are no longer valid or relevant
  • Prevent unauthorized access by giving explicit, limited access to files

Automate your file
security, invisibly.

  • Help honest people stay honest with security that doesn’t require them to take action
  • Automatically secure files dropped into specific network or shared storage folders or from local drives
  • Secure documents from the command line and build into scripts

Ensure regulatory compliance.

  • Protect data that is subject to regulation, such as health records and other personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Reduce the impact of data breaches by making secure data unreadable by malicious actors
  • Audit trails provide complete records of who has accessed data and when