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File Security

Data security that follows your files, everywhere



It’s critical to manage who can access your sensitive files, control what they can do with that data, and track your intellectual property, wherever it travels. VERA attaches military-grade encryption, security, and policy directly to the data itself, giving you granular control over your data, no matter where it goes.

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Security simplified.

VERA bridges the gap between security and usability.
In today’s highly collaborative, cloud-based and mobile-centric work environment, VERA provides simple, flexible, transparent data security, enabling businesses of all sizes to protect any file, on any device, anywhere it travels.





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Integrate effortlessly.

VERA integrates seamlessly with all of the applications and tools that allow your users to be their most productive and secure. The VERA SDK also enables your company to integrate with your own solutions, as well as those from third parties, such as:

  • Box
  • Microsoft
  • Dropbox
  • Adobe
  • And more
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Uninterrupted Access and File Security with VERA for Files.

VERA for Files allows your internal and trusted external users to access secure files within native applications while maintaining constant control.

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Adobe
  • And more
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Seamless Data Protection and Control with the VERA Platform.

With the VERA Platform you can integrate security and control into home-grown and third party applications.

  • Secure files interacting with custom applications and shares
  • Manage access to sensitive data based on existing access platforms and rules
  • Manage permissions based on existing internal criteria
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“VERA provides one of the most pivotal technologies eluding enterprise IT: A solution truly balancing strong security and simple user experience.”

- Nick Mehta, CEO, Gainsight

Flexibility in any industry.

VERA’s always-on file security works for you.

No matter if your company’s sensitive content is a complex Excel spreadsheet, a patent draft in a Word document, whitepapers in a PDF or multi-part CAD assembly drawing in AutoCAD, VERA has a solution for your industry.

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VERA’s trusted architecture.

Storage, transit and data agnostic. Data-centric and policy driven. Designed for flexibility, adoption and compliance.

To address these three requirements and deliver highly available, flexible and confidential data security solutions that serve both large and small businesses alike, VERA incorporates these primary components in its platform architecture:

VERA Cloud Platform

The VERA cloud makes it possible for a company to be up and securing files in a matter of minutes or hours instead of days or weeks and allows VERA to scale effortlessly to fit your business requirements. All of this while managing who can access sensitive files and what they can do with that content without ever touching the content itself.

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VERA End-User Client

While not absolutely necessary, since users have the option to view and edit secure files within a browser interface, the VERA client allows users to conveniently access and edit secure files in their native applications. Users can also manage access, leverage rules-based support, secure and access unsupported file types and many other helpful features.

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VERA Dashboard

The VERA dashboard gives administrators the ability to audit activity pertaining to the company’s data security, as well as configure integrations with shares, OS platforms, authentication systems and much more. End users can use their dashboards to manage their own sensitive data and monitor usage.

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