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Data security that follows your files, everywhere

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It’s critical to manage who can access your sensitive files, control what they can do with that data, and track your intellectual property, wherever it travels. VERA attaches military-grade encryption, security, and policy directly to the data itself, giving you granular control over your data, no matter where it goes.

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Secure Sensitive Data
Used by Employees

Report on which internal users can access sensitive files and any failed attempts. Control sensitive files at any time, even after the file is emailed, shared, or if it resides on a terminated user’s device. Control sensitive files in core authoring applications, (e.g., view, edit, print, copy/paste, watermark)

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Leverage Modern Collaboration Securely

Control access to sensitive files even after they have been shared with external users via cloud collaboration tools, email, or other means. Standardize on a sanctioned cloud collaboration tool without risking vendor’s access to sensitive files. Employees and external users can collaborate securely via cloud apps

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Mitigate Compliance Risks

Files containing PII, PCI or PHI can only be accessed by authorized users Revoke access to sensitive files, even if they are shared with unauthorized users. Detailed audit logs and defensible proof that you are protected against data breaches. Leverage our SDK and REST APIs to encrypt, track and revoke access to files

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Don’t Take Our Word for It

11 million + Files Secured and 150,000 + Happy Users

With patient and employee security under control, Tri-Counties Regional Center can help provide better support and services to more people..

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