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Your data will travel, shouldn't your security?

Vera’s data-centric security secures any kind of information – from Office files and videos to CAD files– and then tracks, audits, and manages access in real-time. No matter how far your data travels, we make it effortless to control who can access your information and what they can do with it.

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See exactly where files travel

From file shares, to the cloud, and beyond, Vera tracks documents and data anywhere they go. Get detailed audit reports, track external collaboration, and report on how information is used.

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Trust, but Vera-fy

With Vera, you never lose control of a sensitive file, even if it’s forwarded, copied, or posted to a public file share. Dynamically update permissions, revoke access, and even restrict screenshots, anywhere.

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Secure files and more

With Vera, instantly revoke access to any document, take back control over sensitive files and lock down confidential data - even if it’s been copied, forwarded, downloaded or shared online.

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Protecting Data Powering the Fortune 500

From critical infrastructure to critical business data, Vera protects the IP and customer data that powers the world’s most successful companies.

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