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Data security that follows your files, everywhere

Your need to protect confidential data extends past the borders of your business. Vera’s data security platform secures any kind of data – from Office files to videos and more – and then tracks, audits, and manages access in real-time, no matter how far it travels. We make it effortless to securely collaborate with anyone, no matter which tools they use, including email, Box, Dropbox, or local file shares.

  • Secure any kind of data, including Office, PDF, movie and image files
  • Encrypt sensitive information with AES 256-bit encryption and data loss prevention
  • Protect files through the “last mile,” even after they’re downloaded
  • Share securely with recipients, no agent or Vera account required

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See exactly where your critical data has traveled

Whether you’re tracking marketing collateral or hunting down leaked files, Vera lets you follow documents and data anywhere they go. For regulated content, get detailed audit reports, flow events into your SIEM or BI engine, and establish who is trying to access information.

  • Track where your files have traveled, anywhere in the world
  • View detailed file-usage stats and unauthorized access attempts
  • Find out who’s viewing your information, with real-time alerts
  • Generate a full audit trail, for tracking and regulatory compliance

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Instantly update access rights to sensitive data

Trust, but Vera-fy: never lose control of a sensitive file, even if it’s forwarded, copied, or posted to a public file share. Dynamically update recipient rights to your information, even if they don’t have the Vera client, and even after after it’s left your domain.

  • Change permissions and lock down data instantly, preventing data loss
  • Enable one-time viewing, custom watermarks, and auto-expiring files
  • Control editing, copying, printing, file duplication, and more, online or off
  • Permissions stick with your files wherever they travel, even offline and in the cloud

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Revoke access to any file, anywhere

It’s happened to everyone: that moment you click send and you realize you sent the wrong file, or sent confidential data to the wrong person. With Vera, instantly revoke access to any document, and take back control even if it’s been copied, forwarded, downloaded or shared online.

  • Revoke access to files from anywhere, any time
  • Deprovision user access to confidential data in one click
  • Recover from breaches by locking down files, folders, and users

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