IP Flying Out the Door?

eGuide : Your Guide to Protecting Trade Secrets The departing employee. The foreign supplier. The multiple avenues for trade secrets to leak. There has to be a better way to protect... download

Manufacturing Infographic

Infographic : The Future of Security When trade secrets are constantly shared with third-party vendors, external suppliers, and departing employees, how do you effectively secure them? Check out... download

Vera vs. Microsoft Azure Information Protection

eGuide : Microsoft DRM has been around for decades but still can’t meet the most basic requirements of enterprise security teams. We know. Here are five ways Microsoft rights management... download

Zero-Click Data Security for All Your Microsoft Files

eGuide : Unlike Microsoft’s limited Azure Information Protection suite, Vera automatically secures content created across the entire Microsoft ecosystem with zero friction to end-users.... download

New York Department of Financial Services Cybersecurity Regulations Guide

eGuide :   With the new New York Department of Financial Services cybersecurity regulations taking effect January 1, 2017, you need a simple solution to comply with the regulations.... download

The Definitive Guide to Data Security

eGuide : Taller Walls Aren’t The Answer. Vera’s Definitive Guide to Data Security is your guide to better assess your own blind spots when it comes to data security. Why does... download

Vera Product Datasheet

Datasheet : Protect Your Data, Anywhere It Goes. Vera enables your businesses to protect any kind of data, and then track, audit and manage it in real-time, no matter how far your files travel... download

Why Vera?

Datasheet : Powerful Data Protection, Anywhere. The Vera platform enables businesses of all sizes to protect any kind of data, and then track, audit and manage the policies securing files in... download

5 Ways Vera Secures Confidential Data

Brief : Protect privileged financial information, wherever it goes. Your firm has a right to control the distribution of your intellectual property. With a single click, protect quarterly... download

5 Ways Vera Extends Security Beyond Dropbox

Brief : Security and usability through the last mile. While Dropbox provides the tools to protect content stored on its servers, those protections end the moment files are shared, removed... download

5 Ways Vera Extends Security Beyond Box

Brief : Security through the last mile Sync and share solutions like Box provide enterprise-grade security but their protections stop the moment files are shared, removed, or downloaded.... download

5 Ways Vera Makes O365 More Secure

Solutions Brief : Why Office 365 Customers Love Vera. Strong file encryption, monitoring, a recall button that actually works With Vera, a single click protects documents, presentations, videos and... download

5 Ways Law Firms Use Vera

Solutions Brief : Security for regulated industries Vera works with law firms to secure any type of file everywhere it travels and anywhere it’s stored.
 With Vera, your firm can secure, track... download

Vera For Dropbox Datasheet

Technical Brief : Extending Security Beyond Dropbox It’s a fact: your employees are using Dropbox to streamline collaboration, work more productively, and quickly share information, but your... download

Vera For Box Datasheet

Datasheet : Extending Security Beyond Box Collaborative, cloud-based businesses can’t guarantee how 100% of their content is shared. With strong encryption, usage policies, and access... download

Vera for Office 365 Datasheet

Solutions Brief : Vera for Office 365 Data protection that travels with your Office files With Office 365, thousands of businesses around the world are enabling their employees to be more social,... download

Office 365 Infographic

Infographic : Why We Need A Working Recall Button for Office 365 See how rapidly confidential information is moving to the cloud With over 50 million enterprise users choosing Office 365 and... download

Vera Corporate Overview

Overview : Vera, corporate overview and fact sheet... download