Vera for Microsoft
Take Microsoft Data Security to 11

Zero-Click Data Security for All Your Microsoft Files

Through Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, and OneDrive, thousands of businesses around the world are moving their most important productivity tools to the cloud. But once content is shared – through email, sync and share, or shared links – companies lose the ability to monitor, track, and control how their confidential data is used.

Unlike Microsoft’s limited Azure Information Protection suite, Vera for Microsoft enables enterprises to automatically secure content stored and shared through the Microsoft ecosystem with zero friction to end-users. With Vera’s smart policy engine, you can automatically enforce permissions that always remain with your data, regardless of where or how it’s shared, and enable secure external collaboration without requiring painful software installs. Contact us for a demo today.

Automate security in OneDrive and SharePoint

  • Automatically secure content uploaded to OneDrive and SharePoint with zero friction
  • No need to rely on end-users to manually protect data
  • Seamlessly map permissions to Active Directory groups

Invisibly secure and track any email attachment

  • Leverage Vera’s smart rules engine to secure and track any email attachment leaving your organization 
  • Set invisible rules that automatically protect shared content
  • Track file location, updates and attempted access


Finally, a kill switch that actually works

  • Revoke access to data, at the click of a button
  • Dynamically change individual access rights, at any time
  • Apply watermarks and block screenshots, in real-time

Vera vs. Microsoft DRM

Here is how Vera compares to Microsoft DRM and why our customers love using Vera as their trusted data security platform.


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