Meet Vera for Mail
Painless enterprise email security

Enterprise email security that’s strong, simple, and actually scalable.

In a hyper-connected world, email isn’t just a tool for communication anymore. It’s the foundation of every organization’s collaboration, productivity, and character. And it’s a treasure trove of sensitive information. That’s why emails leaks aren’t just data loss events. They’re attacks on your brand and reputation.

Protect what matters with Vera for Mail. The first and only email security solution built for the enterprise that doesn’t sacrifice usability for control. Powered by Vera’s data-centric security platform that’s trusted by the Fortune 500, Vera for Mail protects your messages, attachments, and files with persistent encryption and dynamic policy controls.

Whether your business runs on Microsoft Outlook and Exchange, or Google’s Gmail and G Suite, you can secure confidential communications, classify messages, and dynamically change permissions for any message or attachment in real-time with Vera for Mail.

Persistent and dynamic: keep control after content leaves

  • Vera protects messages even after they’re downloaded, forwarded, or accessed offline
  • Ensure the confidentiality of your mail across any network, device, or application
  • Apply watermarks, block screenshots, or kill access with real-time policy enforcement

Effortless for senders and receivers

  • Secure emails the moment you hit ‘Send’
  • No app, no plugin, no download required for your recipients
  • Securely collaborate across Outlook, Apple Mail, web, and mobile


Achieve scalable security for your enterprise

  • Get 360-degree visibility and control over messages and attachments
  • Smooth integrations into Active Directory and SSO platforms like Okta and Centrify
  • Manage access to sensitive content at scale, with a full audit trail


An award-winning platform, trusted by the Fortune 500

  • Protect any kind of content with Vera’s persistent, dynamic data protection
  • Storage agnostic solution ensures data is protected wherever it’s stored
  • Secure your organization’s most valuable intellectual property through the last mile

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