Invisible email protection for the enterprise
Meet Vera for Mail

The Days of Email Leaks Are Finally Over

Let’s face it, most businesses don’t use email encryption at scale. Even though 80% of an organization’s confidential data is shared over email, legacy encryption tools have made it overly complicated to secure email. Until now.

That’s where Vera for Mail can help. Vera lets you seamlessly secure every communication, file, and attachment shared through email with a simple, easy-to-use solution that keeps your team agile, productive, and happy. Together with Vera’s data-centric security platform, Vera for Mail lets you secure email, control communication, and encrypt collaboration across your company.

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Better than encryption: data-centric security

  • Automatically encrypt emails, files, and attachments
  • Prevent unwanted viewers from snooping sensitive data
  • Data-centric control over email and attachments, even after they’re downloaded, forwarded or accessed offline

Fool-proof for senders and receivers

  • Securing an email is as easy as pressing Send
  • Recipients don’t need to install Vera to access secure emails
  • Securely collaborate across Windows Outlook, iOS and Android


Enterprise control, sophisticated automation

  • Automatically secure emails leaving your organization
  • Get 360-degree visibility into all email access attempts
  • Enforce granular security policies


Reverse Oops: Take back leaked emails, instantly

  • Revoke access to leaked emails in real-time
  • Dynamically watermark email body and attachments
  • Prevent forwarding of content, anywhere


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