Always on, Dynamic Data Protections
For all Your Data

More than Encryption. Dynamic Data Protection

In a highly collaborative environment, encryption at rest and in transit are not enough to protect sensitive data from accidental loss, intentional leaks, and external attacks. What’s necessary is an always-on layer of control that secures data in use. That’s dynamic data protection, and it’s only possible with Vera.

Whether you’re looking to keep material, non-public financial information under wraps before an earnings announcement, or ensure competitors can’t walk off with your patent-pending engineering designs, Vera’s content and policy controls give you the ability to dynamically manage what anyone can do with your information, even while they’re using it offline. And, you can customize these policies to meet the needs of your business and collaboration style.

Control content and collaboration

Vera starts with rights management and quickly ups the game to give you multiple ways to control how content behaves when recipients open it. Not only can you grant and revoke the right to edit and save changes to data, you can stem data loss through printing, copy/paste, and screen sharing.

  • Dynamically adjust recipients’ ability to edit and save changes to sensitive files
  • Block printing on any device, and keep content digital-only
  • Stop data loss by blocking the ability to copy and paste data out of files
  • Control how data behaves offline, and still audit every action

Advanced data loss and access controls

Sometimes, a nudge is all you need to remind collaborators to handle sensitive content appropriately. Content controls like customizable watermarks, screen shot restrictions, and Vera’s X-Ray view discourage leaks. And if you need more security assurances, apply a second authentication factor to protect content at your highest classification levels.

  • Add a customized, dynamic watermark to any file, image, or video to discourage screen sharing
  • Restrict users’ ability to use snipping tools and screen sharing to copy sensitive data
  • Frustrate attempts to steal sensitive documents with Vera’s X-Ray View mode
  • Got Top Secret classified data? Add an extra layer of protection with multi-factor authentication controls, integrated with Duo Security and RSA SecureID

Data Lifecycle and Records Management

With far-reaching privacy regulations like the GDPR and the NY Department of Financial Services guidelines, Dynamic Data Protection helps your company manage data retention and disposition policies, even if records leave your control. 

  • Beyond security and authentication, control when and how recipients can access data
  • Automatically expire files and records after a retention period has passed
  • Proactively embargo sensitive announcements and press releases
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and proper disposition of files even if they’ve left the organization or stored in the cloud.

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