Vera for Box
Security beyond borders

Securing Your Data Beyond Box

Collaborative, cloud-based businesses can’t guarantee how 100% of their content is shared or where their business information will travel. And, while Box provides enterprise-grade security, its protections stop the moment files are shared, removed, or downloaded.

With strong encryption and access controls, Vera for Box automatically secures data in Box and beyond, even when content is taken offline. Vera extends security to Box customers “through the last mile” – securing your data anywhere it goes. Contact us for a demo today.

Secure Files Anywhere They Travel

  • Automatically secure any file in Box
  • Control editing, copying, printing and offline access
  • Unsend and “time bomb” files



Track Content Beyond Box

  • Track where files are opened, anywhere in the world
  • Real-time analytics on unauthorized access attempts
  • Control files even after they’ve left your domain



Revoke Access, Instantly

  • Instantly revoke access to files, even after they’ve left Box and are living locally in a third-party site
  • Update access and policy permissions, anytime
  • Lock files if you suspect something’s not right



We’d love to show you how simple it is to get started with Vera for Box. Contact us today for a demo.