VERA for Media & Entertainment

Secure from script
to screen

Protecting the entire creative process

We believe protecting intellectual property and industry relationships should be a secure and easy process.

Prevent spoilers

Proactively combat unauthorized access attempts and leaks with dynamic access controls that protect your content

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From storyboard to the final cut, maintain visibility over how your content is consumed, edited, and shared with a detailed audit trail

Control collaboration

Collaboration is key to your creative process. Share freely but securely with a frictionless user experience for internal and external recipients

VERA for Media and Entertainment

At VERA, we’re helping media and entertainment teams do what they do best: build award-winning content without data loss or leaks. See how VERA seamlessly secures all your creative content, even after it’s been downloaded by directors, edited by remote designers, or moved offline.

Confidentiality and confidence from the moment of creation

Cybersecurity and piracy prevention are at the top of the entertainment industry’s agenda. But protecting intellectual property throughout the entire creative process – from concept to delivery – remains a complex challenge for this highly collaborative industry.

With VERA, encrypt, track, and change access to any file, from scripts to video clips to sensitive financial information, even as it’s shared and edited by external collaborators. This way, studios, artists, and agencies can secure content the moment it’s created and never lose control.