By: Chase Tennison
June 14, 2019

VERA Expectations

When weighing my options for a summer internship I knew I wanted to be in a setting where my creative spark could be seen, my voice could be heard, and my marketing knowledge could grow.

As a rising senior at the University of Colorado Boulder, I knew an internship in Marketing and Public Relations was the best way to take my knowledge from a classroom setting into the workplace. When approached with an opportunity to work as a marketing intern at VERA, I knew instantly it was going to provide me the tools I needed to succeed in and out of school and determine whether or not marketing was the best path for my future.

As for expectations, my hopes for the summer are to be welcomed in a workplace environment that is fast-paced, organized and collaborative, with an atmosphere like so I feel success is inevitable. Being able to form connections with other like-minded individuals and get the chance to be mentored by “pros” in the business is something I look forward to. Another hope as an intern at VERA is to be trained on marketing tech stack and understand the importance of each. Having access to various content that I have the freedom to post throughout different social media platforms would enhance my ability to create captions most suitable to the content and best represent the company.

An internship is a learning experience, a place where mistakes will be made but learned through, a chance to ask any and every question you may have to enhance your knowledge on the subject you are passionate about. I believe this summer as an intern at VERA is going to give me the tools and experience needed to succeed in my future endeavors, wherever that may be. Stay tuned in a few months for me to share about my experience.

By, Chase Tennison