HelpSystems Acquires Vera to broaden data security portfolio

By: Rich Link
March 14, 2019

VERA Expands Offerings through New Partner Program

On virtually any professional sports team, protecting the star players is a must.  In hockey, you have an enforcer whose job, in addition to playing offense and defense, is to discourage an opposing team’s dirty play by responding aggressively and physically to it.  This is done to send a message to the opposing team, and it is especially important when the foul play is directed at a top goal scorer or playmaker.  In football, the offensive line’s job is to protect the quarterback from being sacked at all costs because that’s the individual who directs the offense.  If a quarterback goes down with an injury, it can mean literally mean the difference between a winning season and a losing one.

In the business world, protecting sensitive files and valuable IP is really no different.   You need to proactively and aggressively defend data by employing a relentless, always-on security posture that ensures maximum protection no matter how far your data travels outside of your organization. And you need to do it in such a way that makes it seamless to use and effortless to control who can access the information as well as what they can do with it.


The Key: A Solid Partner Ecosystem

When I joined Vera, I was blown away about the star-studded customer list the company had acquired over a relatively short period of time.  In fact, it’s one of the factors that led to me joining the company.

I also had the privilege of attending our first ever Customer Advisory Board meeting within my first 2 weeks and I was able to hear first-hand how several of the Fortune 500 were using VERA to protect their most sensitive files and valuable IP.  But it also dawned on me that interoperability with other solutions, be they collaboration suites or other adjacent security products, was absolutely critical to success.

When it comes to putting all of the pieces together, enterprises and public sector agencies need to work with firms that have the expertise and know-how to help them figure out the right solutions to their mission critical problems.  These firms must also have the ability to work hand-in-hand with multiple vendors so they can recommend, architect and deploy solutions that lead to successful business outcomes for the client.

By staying focused on the holistic needs of their clients and not just the individual technology components, they are more apt to achieve success. In other words, they keep their eyes on the prize.

From Vera’s perspective, developing meaningful relationships with other technology providers and GTM partners via a global ecosystem approach is really the key to success with our clients.


Announcing the VERA Partner Program:

With this as a backdrop, I am pleased to announce the VERA Partner Program which will serve as the foundation for our world-class global partner ecosystem of GTM Partners and Technology Alliances.  This will open up new opportunities and routes to market for our partners and most importantly, enable our customers to achieve successful outcomes with Vera.

The new program is focused on the following areas:

  • Aggressive reseller discounts and referral rates: we’re excited to be working with our GTM partners to help them build profitable businesses around VERA and want to reward them for their efforts.
  • Creating tighter, deeper technology alliances: we want to build strong technical partnerships that our customers can take advantage of so they can successfully leverage the use of best-of-breed integrated solutions that include Vera
  • Training and enablement: we’ve built out a comprehensive curriculum of free sales and pre-sales technical training to accelerate our partners’ ability to build pipeline, work sales engagements with clients and close deals involving Vera.
  • Partner portal: we’re launching a single destination for partners to register deals, receive updates, request field assistance, access collateral, register for training, and request discount relief.
  • Co-marketing opportunities: we’re looking forward to working with both our technology alliances and our GTM partners in driving joint marketing events that showcase our respective technologies, our interoperability and services capabilities.
  • Tiered program structure: allows both our technology alliances and GTM partners to tailor their investment in VERA that aligns with their growth plans.

We’re thrilled to be announcing this new program and to be working with our world class partner ecosystem. Together, we’re embarking on a journey to help our customers solve their most pressing data and file security challenges, protect their valuable IP and grow their business accordingly. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Want to learn more? Inquire here about becoming a partner today.


By, Rich Link

Vice President Global Alliance