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October 27, 2016

Today’s Digital Battleground: Hackers vs. Rogue Apps vs. Insider Threats

In an ironic twist, October – National Cyber Awareness Month – has offered us all numerous examples how how things can go wrong when organizations are unprepared. First, we saw the FBI and federal investigators seize 50 terabytes of classified information from former NSA contractor Harold Martin. Just last week, we saw a massive DDoS on the Syn DNS service, launched when hackers created a botnet with countless internet-connected devices. And, there’s no question, the world is holding its breath as we watch the U.S. presidential election unfold. In fact, breaches and attacks from state-sponsored hackers continue to mount with no slowing in sight.

In the midst this spiraling security arms race, what keeps CEOs, IT, and security teams CISOs up at night? Is it the trusted insider with access to your “crown jewels,” or hackers trying to steal information for financial, political, or other malicious reasons? Or, are you more worried about the seemingly endless pool of rogue apps, laptops and mobile devices employees are using, right under the nose of IT?  

Sounds like something we need to talk about.

Taking the Versus 16 stage to discuss the impact of insider threats is CEO and Co-founder of Menlo Security, Amir Ben-Efraim, while Nick Bilogorskiy, Sr. Director of Threat Operations at Cyphort will discuss the threat hackers pose on our overall state of security. Rounding out this presidential-style debate is Kaushik Narayan, CTO of Skyhigh Networks, who will share insight on the impact of rogue apps and several factors driving this trend in organizations and today’s biggest security pain points, when it comes to threats.

With only a few weeks to go, have you registered for Versus? We’ve prepared a groundbreaking lineup of guest speakers, along with Versus founding partner Illumio, bringing together top leaders in business, government and academia to combat urgent cyber threats and secure our digital future.

Check out our current speaker lineup, with more to be announced, here:

  • Adel Zahiry, Business Information Security Officer, NBC Universal
  • Clara Shih, Author, CEO and Co-founder, Hearsay Social
  • Cindy Cohn, Executive Director, Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Daniel Rosenthal, Associate Managing Director, Kroll
  • Patrick Heim, Chief Trust Officer, Dropbox
  • Richard Seiersen, Author, VP of Trust / CISO, Twilio
  • Nami Mufti, Director of IT, Capital One
  • Alan Cohen, Chief Commercial Officer, Illumio
  • Yousuf Khan, Vice President of IT, Pure Storage
  • David Baker, Chief Security Officer, Okta
  • Kate Conger, Security Reporter, TechCrunch
  • Caroline Wong, Vice President, Security Strategy, Cobalt

We’ll have live entertainment, some comic relief, and a special surprise guest to keep things interesting and fun, so what are you waiting for? Register today!

By, Veliz Perez Torres

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

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