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December 14, 2016

Closing the Biggest OneDrive and SharePoint Security Gap with Vera for Microsoft

With over 85M monthly active users on Office 365, OneDrive for Business is on the cusp of becoming the #2 sync and share tool in the enterprise. Unfortunately, despite their success, Microsoft has not simplified the process of working across teams or organizations. And faced with a mix of on-premises storage, legacy processes, and new cloud-based collaboration tools (including Box and Dropbox), security teams struggle to protect data in ways that keep up with the pace of collaboration. Simply put, Microsoft’s lack of automation and limited content coverage has created a sizable SharePoint security gap for enterprises.

For most organizations, collaboration is a messy process.

And hybrid environments make it even messier. A recent report from the Radicati Group indicates that almost two thirds of active SharePoint projects are still deployed on-premises. Combine that with SharePoint’s opaque, complex permissions model and OneDrive’s disjointed sharing, the challenge here is one of complexity: employees can’t always tell where to put or how to handle sensitive information. Moreover, Microsoft’s native tools simply don’t provide adequate protection for enterprise content, despite working on the problem for almost 20 years. They’re too manual, too limited in scope, and cannot protect data effectively outside of the company.

Today, I’m proud to announce that Vera is closing the OneDrive and SharePoint security gap with a host of improvements and new features. Building on our current Office 365 integrations, Vera for Microsoft gives businesses invested in OneDrive and Sharepoint the ability to automatically enforce security and usage rights to files in SharePoint and OneDrive, broader coverage of Microsoft native file types like Visio, and the ability to secure, track, and revoke access to that content anywhere it travels, on-premises or off.

“By using Vera, we can confidently protect client data, our proprietary research, and our employees’ personal information both inside and outside the firm.” — James Rutt, CIO at Dana Foundation

In particular, the new automations in Vera for Microsoft give security pros the tools they need to invisibly identify, protect, and control access to confidential data uploaded into any SharePoint or OneDrive location. In parallel with our Box and Dropbox integrations, now businesses can secure, track, and control content no matter where it’s stored, or how it’s shared. In total, Vera for Microsoft now gives security teams the tools they need to:

  • Automate security across OneDrive and SharePoint. Without requiring any change in employee behavior, Vera for Microsoft will automatically encrypt, track, and control access to content uploaded to OneDrive and SharePoint. Security teams can leverage Vera’s smart policy engine to create custom rules to dynamically grant access to Active Directory or SharePoint Groups, enable secure external collaboration, and enforce usage policies for classified content.
  • Protect any content, anywhere, across platforms. A content-agnostic platform, Vera secures any type of file with zero friction to end-users or forced proprietary plug-ins. Vera’s dynamic data protection ensures confidential content remains protected through its entire life cycle and gives security teams the tools to close the SharePoint security gap, audit access, and revoke access rights at the click of a button, even after content is downloaded to a local device.
  • Secure and prevent data loss in all Office file types, including Visio. Finally, Vera now provides full dynamic data protection for Visio files, giving businesses the ability to prevent data loss from sensitive workflow, process, and operational diagrams. Unlike the Microsoft Azure Information Protection suite, which only protects static, PDF-based versions of these documents, Vera allows organizations to dynamically control editing, copy/paste, printing, watermarking, and even restrict screenshots of these files, in real-time.

By applying security and permissions to content automatically with Vera, we’ve made protecting and tracking sensitive enterprise data simple, whether you’re exclusively using SharePoint and OneDrive, or if you have a more diverse collaboration environment. We know from experience that user experience is just as critical to enterprise security as strong encryption, and Vera for Microsoft is our next big step towards making secure collaboration a truly frictionless experience.

Interested in using Vera to close your SharePoint security gap, or protecting data in OneDrive before it leaves? Request a demo today, or learn more at

By, Grant Shirk

VP Product and Solutions Marketing

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