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By: Grant Shirk
June 24, 2015
How To

How To Unsend Any Attachment with Vera

This is the third installment in our How-To series: an ongoing set of product posts full of tips and tricks for getting the most out of Vera.


We’ve all done it. Sent an email and realized, one second too late, that hitting send was a big mistake. You sent the wrong attachment to the right person. Or the right attachment, but to a personal email address (damn you, autocomplete!). But in either case, undoing that mistake is almost impossible.

Until now.

With Vera, we’re giving every Outlook, Apple Mail, and webmail user in the world the ability to instantly pull back those attachments, without fear that the wrong eyes will read it. Here’s your three-step plan to sending email without fear.

Step 1: Protect that document

Last time, we showed you how to secure a file with VERA directly on your desktop with a simple right-click. Today, let’s start with email.

In Outlook or Apple Mail, open a new message, and simply drag a file in to attach it. You’ll notice below that as soon as you do that, a new option appears in the menu for Vera. Open that up, and pick a policy that works for you. For this example, let’s pick View Only.


Of course, if you’re an admin, you can set rules that invisibly apply these policies to every email attachment your company sends. That’s an important step to setting yourself up to unsend any attachment your employee sends. And even better, you’ll be able to track where those attachments travel, anywhere in the world.

Step 2: Open the VERA Web portal

Now, let’s assume that you’re having second thoughts about sending that email. Perhaps you found a typo, or your manager just stopped by with extra feedback you need to incorporate. Well, no problem. Because you applied a policy in Step 1, you can immediately revoke access to that attachment, and make sure no one sees it until you’re ready.

To get there, open the VERA web portal. If you secured the document on your desktop, just right-click it and choose ‘Revoke or Give Access.’ Or, you can always go to the VERA icon in your toolbar and right click. We’ll do that for this example. Choose Open Web Portal, and VERA will open up in your browser.


Here, you have access to every file you’ve protected with Vera. Choose the attachment you just sent, and you’ll get details on everything that’s happened to that file, including who’s tried to access it.

Step 3: Revoke access, with one click

Good news: no one has looked at it yet. To make sure it stays that way, you have two options. To completely revoke access to the file, choose the gear icon next to the file name at the top of the page, and select ‘Revoke Access.’ That will immediately prevent anyone from viewing the file.

Or, if there are specific people or domains you want to remove, select them from the File Access section and choose ‘Revoke Access.’ I’ll do that here to remove Lynsey and Robin, but make sure Ajay can see the document. Now, even if they try to open that file, VERA will prevent them from seeing anything.


There you have it: three easy steps to collaborate with anyone, without fear. Stay tuned for more – we’ve got your back.

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By, Grant Shirk

VP Product and Solutions Marketing