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By: Grant Shirk
November 5, 2015
How To

How to Secure Files in Dropbox, No Matter Where they Travel

This is the seventh installment in our How-To-Series: an ongoing set of posts full of tips and tricks for getting the most out of Vera.

With 400 million Dropbox users and over 100,000 organizations using Dropbox for Business, it’s highly likely that at least one team at your company is actively using the service to store, share, and collaborate on files. The last time I checked, that adds up to almost 2 billion files synced through the service every day.

Whether you’re formally or informally using Dropbox, you need a way to secure critical business information in the cloud and all the way down to an end user’s device – whether they’re part of your organization or not. It’s in this last mile that VERA can help.

Here are four ways you can use VERA for Dropbox to help your team collaborate more confidently, no matter what you’re sharing, or who you’re sharing it with.

Secure files in Dropbox automatically
The biggest goal of our integration is to make it work seamlessly, with zero impact to how any one person uses Dropbox. To that end, we’ve made securing content as easy as uploading a file from your desktop, the web, or a mobile device. With Vera, each new file uploaded is instantly and automatically secured, and any collaborators in that folder will be granted access rights.


As an admin, you can create rules that automatically protect files uploaded into specific folders, assign permissions and usage policies, and track everywhere those files go. Setting it all up takes just a few short minutes.

Track who accessed content, when, and where
VERA for Dropbox provides complete visibility into your content as it travels. In the VERA Dashboard, select any secured file to track who’s opened it, where it’s been accessed, and even the number of unauthorized access attempts. If you’re in a regulated industry like life sciences, financial services, or the public sector, you’ll get a full audit trail of users and content activity, meaning you can instantly prove who had access to what, and when.


Data control, through the cloud
Of course, when you’re tracking confidential business information, it’s not enough to just manage access. Most organizations need the ability to control what can be done with sensitive data, and even revoke access from external parties if conditions change. With Vera, even if a partner or vendor has downloaded a protected file out of Dropbox, you can add a custom watermark, disable printing, or completely revoke access.

Instantly recall files
Let’s dive into that revoke access concept. Have you ever realized after you’ve sent someone a shared link, or invited someone into a shared folder, that perhaps you made a huge mistake? Or perhaps you were working with someone on a sensitive project, but they’ve moved on to something else? With Vera, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to revoke access to that data, no matter what they’ve done with it:

Open the VERA web portal, navigate to Files and find the file you need to pull back. From there, select specific people or domains you want to block, and choose ‘Revoke Access.’ Now, even if someone has the file open, VERA can shut down the file and prevent them from seeing anything.

There’s much more to the integration, too. If you’re interested in seeing more, join us for our live webcast and demo of our VERA for Dropbox solution on Thursday, November 18th at 11:00am PST / 2:00pm EST. In 30 minutes or less, you’ll see how seamless it is to protect any files shared with Dropbox, get tips and tricks for more secure collaboration, and engage directly with our product team.

By, Grant Shirk

VP Product and Solutions Marketing