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September 28, 2017

Securing the Future of Innovation: General Electric and Vera

Today, I’m incredibly excited to share that General Electric has chosen Vera as its exclusive provider and corporate standard to protect the IP, confidential designs, PLM data, and a host of other critical enterprise information that powers GE’s innovation worldwide.

There are only a few companies that can truly say they move the world, and General Electric is at the top of this list. With over 300,000 employees serving customers in more than 180 countries, GE brings to life innovations that deliver power, healthcare, transportation, infrastructure, and financial fuel that connect billions of people. And they’re leading the digital transformation in manufacturing. And if that’s not enough, GE also touches just about every industry worldwide.

The General Electric and Vera teams have worked closely for the past two years, and having the opportunity to work with a company like GE at our stage is remarkable. When one of the most respected companies of the last two centuries embraces new, innovative technologies, they push platforms to new levels of scale, resilience, and flexibility. And the best thing about our journey with GE so far is their willingness to work with us – we have a shared value in solving the problem of persistent data security at scale.

For me, this partnership between General Electric and Vera has accelerated our ability to achieve the vision we set out with just over three years ago. From a small trial in the Power and Aviation teams, we’ve found common ground, built new integrations on our platform, and helped protect assets and IP worth billions of dollars.

“When product designs and specifications are shared without continuous protection, they’re susceptible to theft or illegitimate use.”

Making a complete digital transformation is as much about the people as it is the technology, and that’s why it’s been inspiring to work closely with Nasrin Rezai, GE’s Global Chief Information & Product Security Officer. Her leadership, along with her teams, is rapidly accelerating GE’s shift to a truly data-centric organization, and the ability to protect digital intellectual property is critical to that. GE has long been a pioneer in User-centric IT, and seeing that ethos applied to security is incredibly inspiring.

So where does Vera fit within GE’s security operations? With our focus on strong, persistent security and control that doesn’t impact how employees work is helping teams across GE:

  • Protect files and other data shared inside and outside the company
  • Secure critical IP, CAD and PLM data that support the design and development of their innovative products
  • Applying classification and additional protection for highly sensitive data
  • Integrate data-centric security seamlessly across GE’s internal custom applications and business processes

I think Nasrin put it best when she explained, “When product designs and specifications are shared without continuous protection, they’re susceptible to theft or illegitimate use.” In today’s digital economy, no company can afford to ignore these threats to their intellectual property. Driven by the sheer volume and speed of information sharing today, security teams must stay focused on protecting the core “crown jewels” of IP their organization spends millions or billions of dollars to create.

While Prakash and I could never have predicted making this kind of an announcement just three years after our founding, today, we’re thrilled to bring together General Electric and Vera and help GE protect their most valuable digital assets. And moreover, we’re incredibly thankful for their partnership.

By, Ajay Arora

Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer

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