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June 15, 2015

A (Secure) Cloud for Everyone, On Every Device: Introducing Vera for Office 365

Shortly after Satya Nadella took over the helm at Microsoft, he described his vision for the future of Microsoft: A cloud for everyone, on every device. In his words, Satya shared how he and the Microsoft team were working as one to enable “a world in which anyone can make things happen, on their terms.”

We’re big believers in that vision at Vera, but in his discussion of cross-platform apps, anywhere tasks, and simple access, he left out a critical component to making this mission possible: security.

When over a billion people use Office every day, and tens of millions create and share content in the cloud with Office 365, the idea of a borderless enterprise is finally becoming a reality. This massive opportunity brings with it a host of new questions: How will we secure information as it leaves our premises? What do we do about files created in the cloud? Will we ever be able to control which apps our employees use?

This is why I’m thrilled to announce that Vera is integrated into Office 365, perhaps the fastest-growing enterprise SaaS app in the world. With continuous productivity and collaboration in high-demand, organizations must maintain complete control over important documents, anywhere they travel. With this integration, we’re extending advanced data protection to Microsoft customers, making it easy to encrypt and track any file, through Office 365, Outlook, OneDrive, and Microsoft’s cloud storage partners.

Secure and Track Any Email Attachment

One of the most powerful features of Vera is the ability to automatically encrypt and apply policy to every email attachment that leaves your organization. Security and risk teams can now create rules in Vera that automatically protect any attachment sent from Outlook, minimizing the risk that confidential information traverses the firewall without protection.

Once files are protected, IT and end-users get fine-grained rights management, including the ability to add dynamic watermarks or automatically revoke access to a file at any time.

Encrypt Office Files on the Fly

Automatically protecting every Outlook attachment is a great way to protect against data loss, but it’s just the start. With Vera, an Office 365 user can protect documents, presentations, and spreadsheets as soon as a file is created or shared. My favorite way to do this is from the Share menu in Office. Open that up, select Share, then Email Attachment, and Vera will automatically detect the file and allow you to apply an appropriate policy.


Share, Sync and Recall Files, Anywhere

The last two use cases we’re enabling today will help you collaborate more confidently across your company. First, you can save any document as a secure file right from the Save menu, which allows you to share with your coworkers and customers with OneDrive for Business, Box, or Dropbox without breaking stride.

And finally Office 365 customers can ‘unsend’ an email attachment with Vera, instantly revoking access, even if the recipient has the file open. I like to think about this universal recall capability as a practical ‘kill switch’ for enterprise data.

We’re excited to live in a world that delivers on Microsoft’s promise of “a world where you can walk up to any device, sign in, collaborate, communicate, and share your creations with the world.” And when you do share your creation, Vera will be there to protect it wherever it travels.

By, Grant Shirk

VP Product and Solutions Marketing

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