HelpSystems Acquires Vera to broaden data security portfolio

Protecting Engineering IP in the Age of Collaboration

Share CAD and PLM Data with Partners and Suppliers Without Compromising on Security – A Joint Webcast with Boundary Systems

In our current economy, manufacturers cannot continue to innovate and deliver products without sharing CAD and PLM data with a wide array of partners and suppliers. Unfortunately, every time we share information, we risk losing those files to theft, competitors, or the public domain, dramatically reducing the value of our products. In this webinar, Grant Shirk and Bert Grantges talks about protecting valuable engineering IP in a highly collaborative environment.

Topics covered here are:

  • How to protect design files in PLM tools like Creo and Windchill
  • How to ensure collaboration without fear of compromising the security of engineering IP
  • How VERA can fill the gap left by DLP and CASB tools

Watch this informative webcast today.

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