HelpSystems Acquires Vera to broaden data security portfolio

DLP and CASB Aren’t Enough: A Better Model

Fighting to protect your company’s sensitive data and valuable IP? In our highly-connected, collaborative economy, you can no longer depend on perimeter-based technologies alone to ensure data confidentiality.

DLP and CASB are a company’s first line of defense against data loss, but they’re focused on preventing possession of data, whether across a network or on an endpoint. Unfortunately, risk doesn’t stop when your data goes beyond your organization’s perimeter based protection. Join Grant Shirk from VERA Security to learn how to protect data that is out of the organization.

In this conversation, we’ll cover:

  • How to protect your company’s sensitive data and valuable IP, even after it’s shared externally
  • The benefits of moving to a data-centric security model
  • How combining encryption, access control, and rights management gives you total control over sensitive information
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