Aragon Research 2016 Hot Vendors in Mobile Content Management

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CIC Vendor Profile on Vera

Data security that's "virtually invisible" to users. Check out the CIC vendor profile for an independent assessment on Vera - learn how the Vera platform ensures any data is secure, no matter where it travels.... download

Vera Technical White Paper

Secure any data, anywhere. Learn how we make it effortless to securely collaborate with anyone, on any device. Vera is designed to address the challenges created by today’s highly collaborative, cloud-based and mobile-centric work environment... download

IDC Research Link Report

IDC Link: Securing Data in a Borderless Enterprise with Vera. Download this free IDC Research Link report and get an expert opinion on the opportunities and challenges of securing enterprise data in a collaborative world.... download

AIIM White Paper

Anywhere Security for a Hyper-Connected World. Learn about the challenges of protecting information in our highly-collaborative world, and see how companies are embedding encryption, tracking and rights management into files.... download