Demo: Instantly Revoke Access With Vera

3 Minute On-Demand Demo. Realized you sent the wrong file, or sent confidential data to the wrong person? Instantly revoke access to any Vera-protected file, and take back control... watch the video

Demo: Secure Content Beyond Box

How do I secure data as it moves beyond the secure Box container? Vera data security extends Box's protections anywhere your files travel to give you visibility and control over... watch the video

Demo: Secure Content Beyond Dropbox

4 Minute On-Demand Demo. Dropbox is one of the most popular enterprise sync and shares but how do you maintain control over files, as they're removed and downloaded beyond the... watch the video

Demo: Secure Office 365 with Vera

2 Minute On-Demand Demo. See how easy it is to secure Office 365 files with Vera. Encrypt, share, track, collaborate, and revoke access instantly, anywhere... watch the video

Vera for Mail Demo: Email Security

In this short Vera for Mail demo, see how you can secure confidential communications, encrypt emails, and dynamically change permissions in real-time... watch the video