The State of Enterprise Encryption and How to Improve it

69% of organizations are very concerned about the lack of control over files as they travel outside the network.

This year, VERA has partnered with UBM to produce the 2018 State of Encryption Research Report. The survey explores the use of encryption and access controls, to understand how organizations currently use these technologies, and to identify IT and security professionals’ top priorities in file security.

Download the report to learn:

  • How organizations are mitigating the risks of data sharing and online collaboration
  • Why sensitive and personal data is often left accessible and unencrypted
  • How encryption is key to protecting information as it travels outside the protection of on-premises defenses
  • How a data-centric security approach can improve both security and productivity
  • How Always-on File Security can put security teams back in control of data, even when it’s shared with others
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