Take Microsoft data security to 11

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Persistent data security for all your Microsoft files

VERA automatically secures any content stored and shared through the Microsoft cloud ecosystem with zero friction to end users. With VERA’s smart policy engine, you can automatically enforce permissions that always remain with your data, regardless of where or how it’s shared, without painful software installs.

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Automate security in
OneDrive and SharePoint

  • Automatically secure content uploaded to Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint
  • Encrypt, track, and control Microsoft Office and Visio files, anywhere they travel
  • Seamlessly map permissions to Active Directory security groups and update rights in real-time

Invisibly secure and track any email attachments

  • Leverage VERA’s smart rules engine to secure and track any content leaving your organization
  • Automatically protect any shared content from any device
  • Use the VERA Dashboard to track file access, physical locations, and edits, anywhere

Finally, a recall button that actually works

  • Revoke access to data, at the click of a button
  • Demonstrate adherence to content policies, industry regulations, and audits
  • Apply dynamic watermarks and restrict screenshots, in real-time, even after files have been downloaded or copied

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