Built for the enterprise,
managing the VERA platform

Finally, security that isn’t a headache to manage

Making security scalable is critical to improving your ability to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your data, and it’s our goal to reduce your investment in time and resources to secure your data. Within the VERA Dashboard, you get fine-grained control over data, a full audit log of activity, and the power to customize and automate security policies within and beyond your organization.

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Built for your enterprise ecosystem

  • VERA complements your existing tools, with smooth integrations into enterprise identity tools like Active Directory and Okta
  • Support for multi-factor authentication platforms like Duo Security and RSA SecurID
  • Tight integrations with every leading cloud collaboration platform from Box to Dropbox

Powerful automation and enforcement

  • Leverage VERA’s powerful rules engine to define and enforce security, policies, and permissions – automatically
  • Create tailored policies and enforce classification for certain teams, different file types, or by storage mechanism
  • Increase your organization’s compliance with security policy with every document or email sent

Your data, your trusted brand

  • Flexible custom branding to customize how secure content is presented internally and externally
  • Control how and where VERA-secured files, folders, and messages appear, and establish clear ownership of sensitive content
  • Foster security awareness and policy compliance with a smooth, frictionless user experience

Get the whole view

  • Beyond encryption and our powerful dynamic data protections, VERA provides 360-degree visibility into how your data is used, by whom, and where
  • A full audit trail to track by whom and how your content is accessed
  • Combine VERA audit data with other activity in a SIEM or SOC tool to get a rich picture of how information is moving across your organization
  • Identify the chain of custody of tracked data, and maintain control of files and email through the “last mile”

Let’s talk about how VERA can help you share your most important data without risks of a leak.