Vera for Dropbox

Secure collaboration from the Desktop to the Cloud

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Security and usability through the last mile

While Dropbox protects content stored on their servers, their protections end the moment files are shared, removed, and downloaded. VERA extends Dropbox security “through the last mile,” even when content moves offline. With strong encryption, usage policies, and access controls, VERA ensures only authorized users can access your critical information.

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Protect Dropbox files anywhere they travel

  • Automatically secure any file in Dropbox, from Office files to CAD drawings, and anything in between.
  • Extend Dropbox permissions and access controls, automatically
  • Enforce the disposition of content stored in the cloud, even if it’s been copied or downloaded

Track content beyond Dropbox

  • Through the VERA Dashboard, get the full audit log and activity history for any file
  • Track unauthorized attempts to access sensitive files and proactively address control gaps
  • Demonstrate adherence to content policies, industry regulations, and audits

Revoke access, instantly

  • Instantly revoke access to any file, even after it’s been downloaded or copied out of Dropbox
  • Update access and permissions at any time
  • Integrate with Active Directory or SSO tools to keep access tied to security roles

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