Secure browser-based editing

100% Agentless, 100% Awesome

Security without the agents, installs, or headaches

With VERA’s secure browser-based edit capability, collaborators can access and edit VERA-protected files without ever downloading an agent or client for an unmatched level of usability and security. Now, you can confidently share VERA-secured mission-critical files without sacrificing operational agility or control.

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100% agentless and 100% secure

  • Securely access documents, presentations, and spreadsheets
  • Edit any Office file secured with access controls and dynamic data protection straight from a web browser
  • Maintain company policy, security, and controls no matter where sensitive files travels or who has access to them

Seamless and simple for collaborators

  • Whether it's emailed with Outlook or Gmail, or shared via Box or Dropbox, collaborate with external partners and co-workers
  • No new agents, installs, or accounts required to work on secure files outside your team or organization
  • Unmatched ease of use with a near-native Office editing experience

Security with zero slow-down

  • Securely collaborate across Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Safari
  • Remove barriers to secure content
  • Maintain workflows and productivity without sacrificing security