Vera SDK and API
Data security for your business apps

Information Rights Management-as-a-Service

A platform to secure data across every business application

The Vera IRM-as-a-Service platform gives developers the power to build advanced data security and control into any business application. Leverage our SDK to encrypt, track and revoke access to files, and give your security team complete visibility over how confidential information is used, and the tools to manage access anywhere it travels.

Through the Vera SDK and our REST APIs, you can encrypt sensitive data generated by any business app, wrap them in a layer of access control, and define what recipients can and cannot do with your confidential information.

Add encryption to any application

  • Integrate strong data security into custom business, engineering, and design apps
  • Automatically encrypt all confidential files generated within your organization
  • Track, manage, and revoke access instantly to business-critical documents
  • You choose our client-based SDK or REST API for simple integration into any platform


Leverage IRMaaS to secure confidential data

  • Define access controls to ensure only approved users can access your information
  • Revoke access to sensitive files, whether or not recipients have a Vera account
  • Apply policy and permissions dynamically, and track user access through the Vera Dashboard


Control data generated from your apps

  • Set policy permissions to control what recipients can and cannot do
  • Extend IRM controls, anywhere your information travels
  • Mac OS X, Linux and Windows support, plus all apps written in C++ and Java


Contact us today to discuss how integrating the Vera IRM-as-a-Service platform into your applications and infrastructure can improve your overall document and data security posture.