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Vera and Gmail


Vera and Gmail: A Sweet Combination

Let’s face it. Gmail is your organization’s go-to tool to get work done. It’s how you create, connect, and collaborate internally and beyond your company. Simply put, your team can’t work without it.

As a result, it’s also where much of your most sensitive information is created and shared. You need an email security solution that not only protects your best work, anywhere it travels, but also one that blends seamlessly with the way you work. Vera for Mail is the first and only enterprise email security solution that combines strong, dynamic encryption with the simplicity of the Vera platform so you can work confidently knowing your information is protected as soon as you hit Send.

Secure, right from Gmail

Your inbox is the one tab you never close. That’s why Vera for Mail’s persistent and dynamic security is built directly into your Gmail experience. Whether you’re using the native web app, or a desktop client, Vera for Mail gives you the power to protect your messages and attachments as they’re created, right from your inbox.

Collaborate, securely

Everyone inside your organization uses Gmail but your work doesn’t stop there. Now with Vera for Mail, you can communicate securely with external collaborators, even if they don’t use Gmail. Vera eliminates the friction of exchanging secure communications, and your colleagues can easily access secure emails without any downloads or plugins. Desktop, web, or mobile.

Dynamically protect your privacy, anywhere

You use Gmail to share information. That’s why Vera for Mail’s persistent and dynamic data protections follow your messages wherever they go. With security that never expires, your emails are protected after being sent, forwarded, or downloaded. Dynamic access controls allow you to monitor, change, or kill recipients’ access to emails, in real-time. Just imagine how powerful it can be to take back that message, after you sent it.

Built for the enterprise? Sweet.

Designed from the ground up with your enterprise in mind, Vera for Mail smoothly integrates into enterprise tools like Active Directory and SSO platforms so your workflow is uninterrupted. Even better, Vera’s zero-friction experience optimizes employee adoption so you can finally deliver secure email at scale. Check out how Vera for Mail gives you full control over communication, across the company.

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