Secure Designs, 3D Models, and Data
With Vera's CAD and PLM Protections

Full control over designs from creation to production

Whether you’re designing wind turbines, semiconductors, or cutting-edge medical devices, your most valuable intellectual property lives in CAD and PLM. But as your organization shares confidential engineering drawings with outside suppliers, how do you ensure your competitors can’t access them? You have to have total control over the data, all the time, to prevent data loss.

With Vera’s data-centric CAD and PLM security, encryption and control, you can ensure your design files are secure, no matter where they travel. Vera empowers you to control who can access your CAD files and what recipients can do with them across all platforms, regardless of where your designs ultimately travel.

Control content and collaboration

Vera starts with rights management and quickly ups the game to give you multiple ways to control how content behaves when recipients open it. Not only can you grant and revoke the right to edit and save changes to data, you can stem data loss through printing, copy/paste, and screen sharing.

  • Secure complex 3D CAD files, on any desktop
  • Enforce security permissions that always stick to your designs
  • Prevent data loss by restricting copy/paste, editing, and printing
  • Preserve ownership with custom watermarks and by screenshot restrictions

Save Intellectual Property from Data Loss

Organizations who depend on CAD have never been able to secure proprietary drawings once they’re downloaded, copied, or moved offline by departing employees or third-party suppliers. With Vera, you can secure CAD drawings from creation to production, in your PLM, and even after they’re shared to untrusted networks or devices.

  • Prevent unauthorized access to your data by competitors or suppliers
  • Restrict CAD access to select users, domains or project groups
  • Track access and changes to designs internally and externally, anywhere in the world

Always-on Security through PLM and Beyond

The balance between efficiency, innovation, and control is critical to your PLM implementation. But once confidential designs are checked out of the system, security teams lose all visibility and control over your critical IP. Vera solves this challenge by automatically securing files as they move through your PLM process to ensure your security controls persist with your CAD files, anywhere and always. Even if they’re downloaded and shared externally.

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