VERA for Professional Services

Safeguarding your clients and brand

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A proactive security model.

Protect your competitive advantages, client information, and industry relationships securely and seamlessly.


Protect clients’ sensitive email attachments, non-public disclosures, and any sensitive client data from damaging data leaks


Maintain productivity and security across networks, applications, and platforms without sacrificing collaboration or confidentiality


Ensure only the correct stakeholders access client data with a full audit log that tracks authorized and unauthorized access attempts

Protect confidential information across the firm.

Trust is at the core of any client-firm relationship. Making sure client information remains confidential is critical to generate future business and maintain long-term relationships with clients. Professional services firms operate in a highly connected “networked economy” where sharing through data rooms and shared network drives is the norm. In this environment, sensitive information will inevitably bypass corporate firewalls but require protection. That’s why VERA wraps every piece of client data in an encrypted, secure shell that travels with the data wherever it goes.

Data-centric protection.

Learn how VERA’s data security platform makes it easy to protect any kind of business information, track it after it’s left your control, and instantly revoke access, no matter who has your information. Regardless of how or where your clients’ files travel, only those with the right credentials can access them. VERA for Professional Services can help you protect both confidentiality and your firm’s reputation.

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