VERA for Manufacturing

Securing production
with zero slowdown

A well-secured machine

We believe protecting your hard work and critical IP should be an easy and painless process.

Secure through the supply chain

Know where and how your designs are accessed with a full audit log to track authorized activity and block unauthorized attempts

Protection on and off the clock

No matter how far your designs travel, your intellectual property is secure with always-on dynamic data protection

Defensible innovation

Maintain operational productivity without sacrificing security throughout the manufacturing process with VERA’s frictionless user experience

VERA for Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies are innovation trailblazers. See how VERA protects your critical IP and product specs throughout the supply chain, without changing the way you work.

Balancing data security with production efficiency

Your product designs, manufacturing specifications, and supplier contracts are all critical to maintaining your organization’s competitive edge. But with multiple stakeholders, shifting production schedules, and a global supply chain, how do you balance keeping up with fast-paced collaboration without losing control over how your data is used?

VERA lets you control how your information is being used, even after it leaves your organization or goes offline. Whether you’re sharing manufacturing plans through cloud services like Box or Dropbox, or over local file shares, VERA ensures only authorized partners can access it. With VERA’s dynamic data protection, you have the power to revoke access to any file, anywhere it goes, should you stop working with a vendor.