VERA for Healthcare

Securing collaboration
and compliance

A compliant security model

We believe providing quality healthcare and protecting patient information should be a secure and easy process.

HHS Compliance

VERA’s full audit trail and granular activity log help demonstrate regulatory compliance for internal and patient data

Secure patient communications

Ensure all your content and communications are secure the moment you hit Send, and stay under your control

Protect PHI

Protect patient confidentiality and provide superior care with frictionless data security that doesn’t slow down collaborative treatment

VERA for Healthcare

At VERA, we’re on a mission to help hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities provide the highest quality care and protect patient privacy through strong data security.

Protect all your data subject to regulation

The array of regulations that govern healthcare can seem overwhelming. Not to mention, the industry’s investment in new technology to adapt to the new normal introduces a slew of systems, interfaces, and vendor applications. With all this change, how is your company protecting its data while remaining compliant with regulations?

With VERA, protect your most important internal and patient information, no matter how rapidly the systems that use it are changing. VERA offers your organization strong encryption, full audit trail, and other protections required by HIPAA that’s simple to use and easy to deploy. By attaching dynamic access controls directly to the data, we allow you to protect and track every file to give your compliance and risk organizations the control they need to avoid data loss and regulatory fines.