Vera for Pharma
Security & data control for regulated content

Protecting Intellectual Property and Trial Data

Bringing new medical technology to market is a long and complex process, requiring everyone from the administrative staff to R&D to sales and marketing to follow exacting compliance guidelines. Every day, you’re sharing privileged information, valuable IP, and regulated documents, and depending on the trusted relationships you’ve built outside the firm to maintain that confidentiality.

As pressure to innovate faster and accelerate the approval process mounts, how are you protecting this information as it moves across and beyond your walls? Ensuring data security and compliance around document-centric processes is critical to protecting the future of your business.

Control Regulated Promotional Materials

When drug and treatment information changes continuously, you need tools to manage controlled promotional materials, draft trial documents, and approvals to reduce compliance risk. You also need full audit capabilities to demonstrate who had access to what information, when, and from where.

With Vera, you get the ability to watermark, track, and report on the secure distribution of controlled documents, even after they’ve left your organization. Imagine the ability to verify that only approved parties accessed your files, combined with the knowledge that only approved promotional materials can be seen by customers. Vera gives you total control over your sensitive data, no matter where it’s stored, and the confidence that you can revoke access to files at any time.

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