Vera for Media & Entertainment
Security from script to screen

Protecting the entire creative process

Cybersecurity and piracy prevention are at the top of the entertainment industry’s agenda. But, protecting intellectual property throughout the entire creative process – from concept to delivery – remains a complex challenge for this highly collaborative industry. Writers, production companies, distributors, and talent agencies must protect and monitor many kinds of content from the moment it’s created to the time it hits the screen.

Confidentiality from the moment of creation

We believe protecting intellectual property and industry relationships should be a secure and easy process. Vera encrypts and tracks activity around any type of file, from scripts to video content to sensitive financial information, even as it’s shared and edited by external collaborators. You can secure files the moment they’re created, revoke access to a script you’ve shared, and gain visibility into who has accessed or forwarded content, all while Vera operates invisibly in the background.

For studios, artists, and agencies, this means that you never lose control of what matters most – your content.


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