Vera for Manufacturing
Protecting Trade Secrets in the Supply Chain

Balancing Data Security With Production Efficiency

Your product designs, manufacturing specifications, and supplier contracts are all critical to maintaining your organization’s competitive edge. But, to ship successful products, you have to collaborate with vendors throughout the global supply chain, meaning you don’t have complete control over the whole process. How do you balance keeping a fast-paced, collaborative production schedule with the need to keep trade secrets from falling into competitors’ hands? Maintaining visibility and control over how suppliers use your data is critical, but you simply can’t let it impact how you or your partners work.

Strong Security, Full Visibility, Zero Slowdown

With multiple stakeholders and shifting production schedules, you need to control everything from the supply chain all the way down to the confidential IP and trade secrets you share. And, you need full visibility into how partners are accessing and sharing CAD files and PLM data, with the power to revoke access to any file, anywhere it goes, if something’s not right.

Vera lets you control how your information is being used, even after it leaves your organization or goes offline. Whether you’re sharing manufacturing plans over email, through cloud services like Box or Dropbox, or over local file shares, Vera ensures only authorized partners can access it. Should you stop working with a vendor, Vera can revoke access to shared data with a single click.

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