Vera for Healthcare
Controlling collaboration and compliance

Protect all your data subject to regulation

The array of regulations that govern healthcare can seem overwhelming, but the industry is investing to adapt to the new normal. HIPAA-compliant Electronic Healthcare Records (EHRs) are a great start, but every system, interface, and vendor application in your networks needs assessment. With all this change, how is your company protecting its data while complying to regulations? You need a strategy that can protect your most important information, no matter how rapidly the systems that use it are changing.

Seamlessly secure sensitive information

The good news is that there’s a better approach to protecting internal and customer data, and it’s simple to use and easy to deploy. And when it comes to security, flexibility and usability are key. Vera offers your organization strong encryption, a full audit trail, and other protections required by HIPAA. By attaching these controls directly to the data, we allow you to protect and track every file and give your compliance and risk organizations the control they need. It’s our goal to help every one of our customers improve their cybersecurity posture.

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