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Financial services firms are three times more likely to be targeted in a cyberattack than any other organization. Changes in business models and shifts in how companies and their customers interact through technology create the ongoing risk of information leaks. Your analysts are working quickly to stay ahead of market changes, but the influx of new tools and cloud platforms can unexpectedly introduce new ways to lose data. It’s a universal challenge: the more collaborative your company becomes, the harder it is to control valuable information. But, it’s no less important to do so.

The frequency and sophistication of these attacks is increasing, and individual firms
– and the industry as a whole – must make responding to these threats a high priority.


A better, more proactive security model

We believe you shouldn’t have to make this choice between increased security and operational agility. By changing your approach and attaching security to the data itself you won’t have to sacrifice one to achieve the other.

To make this change, financial services firms of all sizes are choosing Vera’s proactive data security solutions. They’re getting complete control over their information while allowing each employee to work with customers on their terms.

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