Vera Deal Registration Guidelines


1. Opportunity Eligibility Criteria.

  • The opportunity is not being pursued directly by Vera at the time the partner submits the deal registration;
  • The opportunity is not registered by another partner;
  • The aggregate size of the opportunity for Vera software is $35,000 or larger;
  • Before registering a deal, the partner has made significant pre-sales efforts related to the deal, such as meeting with the decision-makers, qualifying the opportunity, helping the end-user to quantify the project budget with Vera products or services, and helping the end-user to define the project requirements to include Vera products or services;

Each deal should correspond to a single opportunity with a single end-user company or organization. Partners may not combine opportunities or end-user accounts for any purpose.

2. Registration Process.

  • Partner must submit a deal for review via the Vera Deal Registration link. The first partner to submit a deal that meets all program criteria will be approved for that end-user opportunity.
  • Upon receipt of a registration, Vera will contact the Partner, usually within 24 – 48 hours, to qualify that the deal is valid.  This may require the Partner to connect Vera with the prospect to validate the interest in the Vera solution.
  • Once a registration has been properly vetted, Vera will notify the partner by e-mail within 2 days or less that the deal registration is either approved or rejected by email.
  • If a deal registration is rejected, Vera will include the reason(s) for such a decision.

3. Approval Period.

A partner must close an approved registered deal within 120 days. Partners may request an extension from Vera as needed.  Vera may, at its sole discretion, extend the approval period if sufficient justification exists.

4. Exclusivity and Exceptions.

Vera will provide the registering partner with exclusivity against Vera direct-sales efforts for that Vera-approved end-user opportunity, subject to the following exceptions, under which Vera may directly pursue the same opportunity:

  • If the end-user requests that Vera quote or bid on the opportunity;
  • If the partner is not actively working the deal (for example, by failing to respond to the end-user or Vera’s communications);
  • If the partner does not close the deal within the 120-day Approval Period specified above, and no extension has been granted;
  • If the partner does not quote the Vera products or services identified in its registration form; or
  • If Vera is under a legal or contractual obligation to quote or bid on the opportunity, or if failure to quote or bid on the opportunity could subject Vera to legal liability.

5. Exclusive Remedy.

In the event that a Vera sales representative knowingly violates the terms of this deal registration program (for example, by actively pursuing an approved registered deal where no exception provides for a Vera direct quote or bid), the Vera sales representative will be subject to forfeiture of his or her commission for that opportunity. The preceding sentence shall be the sole remedy provided to the partner that received approval for that deal; the partner shall not be entitled to any other remedy. Notwithstanding the above, if the partner did not comply with these Deal Registration terms and conditions, then the partner shall not be entitled to any remedy.

6. Disputes.

Partners must submit any disputes arising from this deal registration program to, including a written description of all alleged issues, prior to commencing any legal proceeding or formal dispute resolution procedure. Any applicable dispute-resolution provisions in the Vera Partner Program Terms and Conditions, including applicable sales and service-provider contracts, shall apply.

7. Miscellaneous.

Approval or rejection of a deal registration submission will be made at the sole discretion of Vera and will be non-negotiable and final. Vera does not guarantee the success or closure of any registered deal approved under this program. The benefits of the Deal Registration program cannot be combined with any other discounts. Vera reserves the right to modify, supersede, or eliminate all or any of these terms and conditions or to terminate the program without notice.