Industry: HR/Technology

Built With the User in Mind, Vera Allows HR Departments to Share and Protect Personal Information

SterlingBackcheck’s business is centered on providing companies with background information on candidates that are prospective hires. The majority of information generated is often personal and needs a strong level of security around it. When evaluating solutions, SterlingBackcheck looks at capabilities surrounding ease of use and scalability. Vera was built with the end-user in mind, so understanding how a user creates content and how that content needs to be secured, is baked directly into the solution making Vera the right choice for SterlingBackcheck.

“We work across many different sites and having a solution like Vera, that would enable you to securely share information internally, was a big enabler for us to start collaborating with them. Its ease of integration into your existing productivity tools, so it already integrates with our Microsoft Word and Power Point capabilities, as well as having a policy driven engine that allows you to create a much better user experience, so that the user doesn’t know the tools are actually being integrated into their workflows, which is very powerful.”

Martin Brodbeck, SterlingBackcheck