Industry: Venture Capital

Venture Capital Firm Invests in Security with Vera

K1 is a venture capital firm investing in high-growth enterprise software companies across North America.  The lifeblood of the organization is K1’s reputation, so it’s inherent that they protect proprietary documentation with security. Vera offers K1 a solution that is easy to understand, easy to implement and is seamlessly integrated into user workflows.

“Fundamentally, what we are all trying to protect is the data and what Vera has developed in terms of being able to attach security to the data, is a tremendous capability that hasn’t existed before in the industry. The amount of transparency I have to my data that’s out there, and to know where is and to know that I have the power to revoke access to it, helps me and partners sleep a lot better.”

Sujit Baneriee, Managing Director at K1

Case Study : K1 Venture Capital Firm Protects Sensitive Data With Security From Vera