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March 18, 2016

Your Financial Future Secured: Join Vera at FinovateSpring 2016

Banks, brokerages, and other financial services firms sit at an interesting intersection of innovation and stability. Constantly balancing the need to provide stability and predictability to investors with the requirement to stay ahead of both consumer expectation and cybersecurity risk, these firms traditionally outspend every other market on information technology and services.

This year looks to be no exception, with firms self-reporting they expect to increase IT spending again, with the biggest driver security, governance, and risk mitigation. PwC reported in their recent Global State of Information Security survey that firms saw an almost 200% increase in the theft of “hard IP” in 2015. When the primary sources of data loss are employees and contractors, it’s important  for these companies to continuously seek out innovative new solutions to stay ahead of the threats.

That brings me to today’s news. Each year, the most exciting innovations in banking are presented at Finovate conferences and today, I’m excited to announce that Vera has been selected to present at FinovateSpring 2016 in May.

Finovate is like March Madness, where the best startups compete to showcase their innovations. A two-day marathon of rapid-fire presentations and product launches, Finovate is a demo-driven conference that brings innovative startups and established financial firms together to solve tough challenges. This year’s committee received hundreds of applications ranging from blockchain-based systems, to big data solutions, to the latest in automated investment management and payments.

Security is a major theme at this year’s event, and we’re excited to use our seven-minute demonstration session to show how Vera’s modern IRM-as-a-Service platform can help these companies secure and track files, wherever they travel, online or off. Simple, seamless data security is critical to help financial institutions effectively prevent data loss, protect customer information, and defend their core IP.

At Vera, we’ve made significant strides across financial services, banking, and private sectors, helping firms protect privileged financial information and control the distribution of their intellectual property–quarterly letters, financial models, and investment strategies–and keep them secure with a single click. We’re proud to say we have almost doubled our financial services customers in just the last nine months.

If you’re interested in attending FinovateSpring 2016 in May, we’d love to offer you a discounted ticket. You can get 20% off your registration by using our discount code: VeraSecurity20FS16.

Can’t make the event? We’d love to share a private demo with you and your team at your convenience. Request a demo today and we’ll find a time to show you how you can protect confidential data, financial models, and investor letters with Vera.  


By, Grant Shirk

VP Product and Solutions Marketing

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