Welcoming Trailblazer Clara Shih to Versus 16

Versus is an event where fierce discussions on the most controversial security questions will be raised. Bringing together the world’s brightest minds in technology leadership, cybersecurity, cryptography, and policy, Versus is an immersive event that will not only challenge your thinking, but the status quo in how we think about our digital futures.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce an exciting addition to the Versus 16 speaker lineup. Joining us on stage November 17th is trailblazer Clara Shih, CEO and co-founder of Hearsay Social, Starbucks board member, and author of The Facebook Era and The Social Business Imperative. A true technology pioneer, Clara has been credited for “kickstarting the Social Business Movement,” and The Facebook Era was chosen by Harvard Business School as a marketing textbook.

In her session, Clara will captivate attendees in her talk on Privacy, Confidentiality, and Security in the Social Media Age. As individuals, we are used to sharing everything about ourselves online, but how does that translate into how people view sharing, privacy, and confidentiality at work? Is it okay to share as freely at work as it is in our private lives? What are the repercussions of doing that and what can organizations do to maximize sharing and creativity without compromising  crown jewels or leaving a digital footprint everywhere?

Clara’s session is just one of the game-changing talks we’re extremely excited to see. Check out the rest at Versus16.com, and register today. Get important updates and announcements by following Vera on Twitter @VeraSecurity using the hashtag #Versus16.

Written on September 8, 2016
by Robin Daniels
  • Industry, 
  • Security