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January 4, 2018

Scaling for Vera 2.0: Welcoming Sam Wolff & Wesley Yeremenko

Whether you agree with everything Jack Welch says about business, there’s one universal truth that’s almost impossible to argue with: great leaders “relentlessly upgrade their team.” They can do this through multiple means: hiring A+ people in every position, helping their teams identify opportunities for growth, and giving employees the tools and the means to up their game at every encounter. At Vera, we think about security in a similar way: what can we do today to help our companies better defend their most valuable data, everywhere it travels.

And today, I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve seriously upgraded our team. As we look to massively accelerate our growth at Vera, I’m honored to welcome two amazing new team members to the family. Sam Wolff has joined as our first Chief Financial Officer, and Wesley Yeremenko is taking aim as our Senior Vice President of Engineering. First, I’d like to introduce you to Sam, a highly seasoned SaaS CFO. He’ll play a pivotal role in leading Vera’s accelerating growth, ensuring that we’re executing effectively on our path to our greater mission and vision. He will lead all financial operations and work closely with myself and our VP of Finance, Carmen Cerrelli, to set the strategic direction of the company.

Second, I am equally as excited to introduce you to Wesley Yeremenko, Vera’s new Senior VP of Engineering. Over and above his passion for scaling products and engineering teams, Wesley’s breadth of experience working with SaaS systems, his strategic focus, and the drive he shares with our team make him a perfect fit for Vera’s future. As the first VP of Engineering at OpenDNS, and impressive tenure at Adobe, Wesley has a long and distinguished career in building world-class teams and delivering among the most highly scalable and fault tolerant systems in the world. He had his choice of leading Engineering in some of the best and most technologically advanced companies in the world — we’re beyond excited that he chose to join the Vera Family!

Our ability to build the next great security company is rooted in our team and how we attract and retain the best talent in the world.

As we get closer to the end of another epic year, I’d like to take a moment and reflect on what this all means for Vera and the future of security. As a company, we’re at an inflection point in our growth, poised for another breakout year in 2018. That means one thing: deliberate, well-orchestrated execution is the key element to keep us on the path to building the world’s next great security company. And the most important and foundational component of execution is our team and our ability to attract and retain the best talent in the world. With the addition of Sam and Wesley, we’re one step closer to delivering on the promise that our team, our vision, our platform, and our customers set forth three short years ago. .

Read the full press release on today’s news here.

By, Ajay Arora

Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer

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