By: Jessica Cooper
April 30, 2019

Vera Secures Billions Worth of Intellectual Property for Fortune 100 Company

Large conglomerates face an uphill battle securing a wealth of sensitive information across internal siloes and expansive supply chains. Information security teams must ensure they have clear visibility into how data shared and retain control of critical files, without slowing down productivity.

One of Vera’s customers, a multi-industry, multi-national organization of over 300,000 employees (the “Company”) needed to secure intellectual property and other sensitive data being shared across a highly complex ecosystem. Internal divisions within the conglomerate operated with distinct technology stacks, using the full range of internal and third-party applications to store and share data.

As an information-driven business operating at a large scale, it was critical that employees could effortlessly share sensitive files such as product designs across the supply chain to drive forward new developments. However, new products from high-value industries, such as aviation and software, represent billions of dollars of research and development (R&D), therefore it was imperative that information sharing had strict security guidelines and enforcement.

The Company needed a single solution that could be leveraged by all divisions to secure and manage any type of file, on any application, wherever it traveled. They, therefore, turned to Vera, to leverage its unique data-centric security to protect files at their source.

This blog (and case study) outlines some of the use cases about how the Company uses Vera to secure intellectual property in cloud collaboration platforms, as well as more complex needs such as securing CAD files and protecting custom applications using the Vera SDK.

Cloud Collaboration Platforms

The Company uses a range of cloud content management services, including Box. Using Vera’s integrations with these platforms they could seamlessly plug military-grade encryption capabilities into these applications to ensure that only authorized parties could access sensitive information.

Security policies which followed the file allowed the IT security team to define granular usage rights that controlled how files were used and distributed, even once they were stored on devices outside of the Company’s network. The Vera dashboard allowed them to track any file and use controls to prevent unauthorized access and revoke privileges at any time.

Protect CAD and Product Lifecycle Management Data

The Company recognized Vera’s unique ability to protect the valuable intellectual property within computer-assisted design (CAD) files and leveraged its integration with Autodesk’s Product Lifecycle Management system.

Teams needed to share confidential product designs with external parties without risking competitors or malicious actors accessing them. Vera’s solution protects proprietary information throughout its entire lifecycle, with automated encryption which is transparent to authorized recipients.

Protect Custom Applications Using Vera SDK

The Company had a range of internal and custom-made applications being used widely by employees to store and share critical information. Using Vera’s SDK, they could build encryption, file tracking, policy enforcement and access control into any application. As a result, they weaved security directly into the application stack – either when deploying a new application or retrofitting existing applications.

We highlight these, and other use cases, in the full case study. You can download it here!

Jessica Cooper
Director, Product Marketing

By, Jessica Cooper