Vera Joins DropBox Technology Partner Program As A Premier Partner

For virtually all organizations today, the need to collaborate and share information is a given. Cloud solutions like Dropbox make it extremely easy to streamline the collaboration process which enables employees to work more productively, and quickly share information both internally and externally.  But external collaboration means at some point your data is inevitably going to have to leave your immediate control.

Hold on!  Leave my control?  What if that data happens to be some of my most valuable corporate intellectual property, such as product design information or financial reporting?  And how can I ensure that only the intended recipients of such data are actually the ones working with it? Can I see what my collaborators are actually doing with my data?

These are questions that more and more companies are asking as they look to migrate from on-prem file storage to the cloud and make use of collaboration suites like DropBox.  In some cases, it’s causing them to limit what they might actually store in the cloud. DropBox for that matter has recognized this as a chief concern and proactively developed their Trust Guide which serves as the foundation for the relationship that they have with their customers.

To DropBox, trust is at the heart of customer engagement. To retain their customers’ confidence, they know they have to take the responsibility of protecting customer information very seriously. In fact, it’s built into the fabric of their customer engagement strategy and spans the 3 main pillars of security, compliance, and privacy.

DropBox to their credit is not stopping there.  They know that their customers run their businesses on an ecosystem of different applications and platforms beyond DropBox.  As with their Trust Guide, they also take their technology partner ecosystem seriously, having built out an extensive Technology Partner Program over the past several years.

VERA is proud to be a part of this ecosystem and is recognized as a Premier Partner within their Technology Partner Program.  What VERA does is to help DropBox customers maintain control of their data when it needs to leave the DropBox environment, effectively solving what is often referred to as “last mile file security”.

VERA’s data security platform can encrypt any file type, assign permissions to ensure that only authorized users can access confidential information, and control those authorized users can actually do with that data.  We also provide business and IT teams the ability to track, audit, and update access to data even after it’s left their immediate control.

VERA’s usability is second to none and this extends to our integration with DropBox.  With DropBox, we take this one step further by automating the process of securing files.  With VERA, you can automatically secure any files uploaded into or downloaded from specific Dropbox folders, or even protect an entire Dropbox account.  And you can set access controls and policy permissions based on your existing DropBox folder access rights.

Secure collaboration with VERA and DropBox.  Now that’s a partnership! To learn more, check out VERA-for-DropBox or reach out to our team here.  We’d love to hear from you.

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