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November 1, 2017

A smarter, more scalable way to protect email: Vera for Mail

Since announcing the Vera for Mail Beta in February, we’ve seen tremendous customer and partner excitement about finally making enterprise email security a reality. Over the past 9 months, our team has tweaked, adjusted, and incorporated customer feedback from the beta directly into the product.

And today, I’m incredibly proud to announce that today Vera for Mail is generally available.

Whether you work at a 100-person company or one that’s 100,000 strong, keeping track of the data flowing out of your organization is a monumental task. Even though a whopping 63% of employees share sensitive data over email, only 10% of security teams trust their current email security solution. That’s not a good ratio. Frustrating, clunky, and user-unfriendly legacy encryption tools have made it impossible to secure email at scale. Until now.

We all know that work doesn’t stop at your company’s perimeter – it extends to involve external agencies, vendors, customers, and partners. They’re exchanging valuable financial documents, spreadsheets, product specifications, and in many cases, personal data. With Vera for Mail, we’re giving you a much more effective way to regain control over those messages and attachments, even after they’ve been downloaded or forwarded.

For us (and our customers), tackling this challenge is all about balancing our need for security and privacy with our own individual needs for simplicity, speed, and flexibility. Truly, this is where prior attempts at making email security work in the enterprise have failed: the user experience. Particularly poor for external collaborators, email security solutions based on PGP, S/MIME, or gateways just don’t meet our expectations for how email works. You just don’t mess with how the internet’s killer app works.

You just don’t mess with how the internet’s killer app works.

Fortunately, with Vera for Mail, securing an email is as easy as pressing send. And it’s just as easy for each recipient. By combining Vera’s dynamic data security with an experience purpose-built for collaboration, and enterprise tested by the Fortune 500, Vera for Mail lets you encrypt email, control communication, and protect privacy across your company.


Protecting what matters with enterprise-grade email encryption and control

By applying our data-centric security platform to email, not only are you protecting the confidentiality of your communications, you’re also getting better visibility into what information is leaving your organization. And you’re doing so without interrupting the way people work. Track who’s accessing mail, from which devices, get notifications, change permissions, and revoke access at any time.

1. Seamlessly integrated into your favorite email clients

Outlook? Apple Mail? No problem – we’ve got your back. With Vera, you can compose, send, and respond to secure messages directly inside your preferred email application without skipping a beat. You can apply all the same permissions you would to a file secured with Vera, including dynamic watermarks, time-based expirations, and even screenshot restrictions. The best part is, your colleagues won’t have to take any extra steps to see the message. No portals or clunky key exchanges required.

2. Gmail? No problem

We’re a Gmail-based team here at Vera, so we know the challenges of tackling secure email with a browser-based client quite well. One of our primary design goals was to make the experience for web users just as smooth (and hopefully even better) than on the desktop.

Composing a new secure message is right there in Gmail – your team won’t need to change how they communicate to protect those valuable new ideas. And accessing a secure message is just a single click away. No messy passwords, logins, or clunky gateway solutions.

Of course, all of this can be automated as well. It’s our goal to make secure email a normal part of everyday business, leaving the stigma and frustration of older encryption techniques behind.

3. Finally, a recall button that actually works

And finally, we know that just because you trust someone today doesn’t mean you should trust them tomorrow. We believe that it’s just as important to be able to control how your sensitive communications are used over time as it is to protect them in the first place. With Vera for Mail, you can instantly update access and permissions to a message, no matter who you sent it to (or didn’t) in the first place. What’s more valuable? The ability to send a message? Or the power to take it back if you have to?

Communicate with confidence

It’s our goal with Vera for Mail to ensure that whether you’re a retailer, a private equity firm, a media mogul, or anything in between, you have simple, scalable tools to protect your most confidential communications. For more information about Vera for Mail, or to see it in action, get in touch here.


By, Grant Shirk

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