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June 14, 2017

Vera for CAD: Securing the Engine of Innovation

“Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.”

Clearly, even Benjamin Franklin was concerned about intellectual property loss. Fortunately, there’s a much better way to secure trade secrets that doesn’t involve shooting the messengers. Or your collaborators.

Our manufacturers are engines of innovation, driving our economy forward. They account for 12% of the total U.S. GDP and 80% of privately held patents. But as Ben pointed out, manufacturing companies have lacked effective tools to control their designs as they travel to untrusted environments, as departing employees download them and take them to their next venture, and as external suppliers forward them to unauthorized competitive parties. Once CAD files are shared, they’re gone.   

That’s why I’m thrilled to announce Vera for CAD and our latest integrations and partnerships with Autodesk and PTC, two of the industry’s top product design suites. With these integrations, Vera is now the first and only data-centric security company to provide full dynamic data protection for customers looking to secure IP in CAD and PLM from design to production.

Always-on Security and Control for PTC and Autodesk

With Vera, organizations can now directly secure their Autodesk (AutoCad and Inventor) and PTC (Creo Parametric) design files throughout their life cycle. Teams can prescribe at a very granular level who, how, and more importantly, what recipients can do with their designs, no matter where they move and ultimately, revoke access in real-time once the project comes to an end.

Imagine being able to automatically secure an AutoCAD file sent to an external supplier abroad and restrict their ability to take screenshots, block copy/paste, and limit their ability to manipulate the drawing – even if it’s moved offline. That’s the integration we’re announcing.  

But to truly protect our customers’ IP, we know we need to address more than just one component of the manufacturing workflow. That’s why we’re also excited to announce deep integration into PTC’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tool, Windchill. With Vera for CAD’s out-of-the-box integration, manufacturing teams can automatically secure individual design files as they’re uploaded or downloaded from Windchill and ensure security controls persist with CAD files, anywhere and always. Our design allows your team to decide when Vera’s dynamic data protection capabilities are enforced as designs are checked in and out of the system.  

By extending Vera’s dynamic data protection to CAD and PLM, we’re closing one of the most important security gaps for the companies powering the engine of our economy. These manufacturers, engineering innovators, and insightful creators can now share their designs around the globe with the confidence they won’t lose control over their ideas.

And we’re not stopping here. While we can already help you encrypt and dynamically protect any kind of engineering content, we’re hard at work building these same seamless integrations into tools like the Siemens NX and Dassault Systemes’ SolidWorks, Catia, and Enovia suites!

If you’re a business that designs, builds and manufactures complex products and needs to protect innovative ideas, reach out to us for a demo of our Vera for CAD capabilities. And for more information of how we’re helping manufacturers, check out our Manufacturing Guide to Data Security.

By, Maurice Evans

Product Guru

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