HelpSystems Acquires Vera to broaden data security portfolio

By: Alex Burkardt
February 20, 2020

VERA to Exhibit at RSA 2020

It’s time for the biggest cybersecurity conference in the world. RSA 2020 runs next week at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. VERA is once again excited to be a part of this definitive annual gathering of leading-edge minds who are advancing solutions to cyber threats.  

VERA gets to the heart of why security professionals come to RSAto learn about innovative ways of solving tough security problems and staying a step ahead of the bad guys. Our solution brings security to the data level, offering a practical approach to many of the challenges security teams face. For instance:

  • Access to sensitive information needs to stay limited to the people who legitimately need it. VERA helps security teams protect sensitive files that may travel beyond that group, even if it leaves the home environment. BUT, VERA does it in a way that doesn’t impact workflow, prevents authorized access to data in motion, and easily terminates access for those who no longer need it.
  • Modern collaboration platforms pose security risks. While it’s common to collaborate with 3rd parties through platforms like Box, DropBox and SharePoint, sensitive data shared via this way can travel beyond the platform itself, to where all bets are off. For instance, it can be downloaded to a user’s end point device, subject to copy/paste, screenshot, printing and save-as. VERA ensures that data stays under the owner’s control, wherever it goes.
  • There’s also the challenge of mitigating compliance risks. Regulatory bodies worldwide continue to implement rules and penalties related to maintaining privacy and security. Organizations need a balance between continuous compliance and still executing business. VERA helps strike that balance, protecting data in a way that covers compliance worries, even as regulations continue to change.

Vera’s always-on, active file security and real-time access controls offer practical solutions, available now, to these complex challenges. At RSA, we’ll be showcasing our rich capabilities to demonstrate the power of VERA in action. Visit us at booth 1067 in the South Expo hall.

By, Alex Burkardt