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November 4, 2015

Vera, Dropbox, and Okta. Partnering to Give Every Industry Secure Access to the Cloud

Today we’re marking an important milestone on our mission to protect our customers’ mission-critical data, no matter where or how it travels. We’re at the edge of an exciting inflection point for cloud adoption, where highly regulated industries – financial firms, healthcare companies, and professional services – are taking a serious look Dropbox and similar user-centric cloud platforms. But, what these organizations still struggle with is maintaining control over their most precious information once it leaves.

Until now.

Vera, together with Dropbox and Okta have partnered to unblock access to public cloud platforms for millions of organizations around the world. The combination of security, access management, and collaboration that we’re delivering not only allows highly regulated firms to securely work in the cloud, it gives IT the tools it needs to ensure only authorized users can access critical business information. Whether the data is stored on-device or in the network, they’re getting the power to revoke access if it ever falls into the wrong hands. And just as importantly, they can now provide security and access to powerful office tools without changing how people work.

By our last count, employees at over 8 million companies use Dropbox daily to streamline collaboration, work more productively, and quickly share information with customers and colleagues. But before today, security teams at regulated companies lacked the additional safeguards they needed to protect files from the moment they’re shared, removed, or downloaded to an unmanaged device. For starters, they absolutely must encrypt critical business information, track it wherever it travels, and be able to revoke access instantly if something doesn’t seem right.

By partnering with Okta and Dropbox, not only are we are giving our customers complete, end-to-end control over their data everywhere, wherever it travels, we’re also giving IT the confidence to choose the simplicity of Dropbox collaboration, Okta’s centralized identity management, and Vera’s strong security through the last mile.

So, how does it work? The moment you start an upload, Vera encrypts files headed to Dropbox and assigns access rights that travel with each individual document. Through our strong encryption, usage policies, and access controls, Vera ensures only authorized users can access your valuable information. In short, Vera extends security to Dropbox customers “through the last mile,” even when content is taken offline.

Now, no matter where that content travels – to client sites as an email attachment, to a local desktop, or elsewhere in the cloud, only users with the right credentials can open your files in and beyond Dropbox. Files are automatically and invisibly encrypted, permissions are inherited from the collaborators who have access to the folder, and those documents can now be tracked and controlled even if they leave the Dropbox platform. Even better: if a collaborator is removed from a folder, their permissions to the files are revoked – even if they’ve downloaded a copy to an unmanaged device.

And here’s where Okta comes in. They’re already the best in the business at managing identity, permissions, and trusted access to enterprise apps in the cloud. Now, with our integration, customers can instantly grant and revoke access to content wherever it’s stored. Imagine how simple this makes the onboarding and provisioning of employees. On their first day, they’re granted secure access to the data they need to do their job. Should they change teams, or move on from the organization, as soon as their Okta identity is updated, their permissions to access confidential data can instantly and automatically be updated. With Okta, Dropbox, and Vera, your data has never been safer.

In his Oktane 2015 keynote this week, CEO Todd McKinnon declared that “Okta is the foundation for secure connections between people and technology.” I’m proud to say that Vera is now extending that foundation to support connections between people and data.

Securing critical business information in the cloud, all the way through the last-mile, has long been the Holy Grail of data security. By working together with the companies helping to deliver on our joint vision of a new way of work, we are making it easier for any organization collaborate simply, securely, and with the solutions their employees trust and love.

To learn more about our partnerships with Dropbox and Okta, please read more about and I’d love to hear your feedback.

By, Ajay Arora

Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer

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