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August 13, 2015

Vera CTO Prakash Linga for InfoWorld: Simple encryption and control come to Office 365

When collaboration moves to the cloud, security policy and controls must move into the documents themselves. Vera CTO Prakash Linga presents new thinking around data security for Office 365 and SaaS for InfoWorld.

When a Microsoft product becomes one of the fastest-growing SaaS applications in the enterprise, we’re long past the inflection point of public clouds as the de facto architecture in the enterprise. With billions of files and terabytes of data created outside of the firewall every year, it’s clear we need to rethink our approach to security for the modern business. This rapid growth is no speculation, thanks to an estimated 3.2 million Office 365 users added this last quarter, to an already massive population of more than 50 million paying business users.

To improve data security in the cloud, we need to make certain fundamental architectural assumptions and design decisions. When perimeter and endpoint defenses are only effective at controlling data generated by last-generation users and last-generation technology, the enterprise needs a new, more data-centric approach. We must assume that the firewall is permeable and we cannot possibly lock down every endpoint loosely connected to our networks. Instead, we must attach security directly to the file, with centralized management of policy, permissions, and tracking capabilities.
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By, Prakash Linga

Co-founder and Chief Technology & Product Officer

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