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August 30, 2015

Vera and VMware: Unifying IT & Security Management

Ready for anything.

That’s how I describe our attitude when it comes to protecting data everywhere. At Vera, we’re building on our mission to protect customers’ data, no matter where it travels, and we’re thrilled to be executing on that vision, together with VMware, at VMworld 2015.

In today’s modern enterprise, IT departments are held accountable for thousands of mobile and desktop environments, introducing a disparate number of hybrid-cloud, physical, and virtualized environments to manage. Together we’re delivering on our promise, by taking the best of VMware’s unified lifecycle management and combining it with Vera’s advanced security and policy controls, helping businesses protect content at the moment it’s created and shared. From the network layer and storage, across applications and user data, we’re providing simple, centralized management, all while giving enterprises ultimate control over their data.

Today, I’m excited to introduce Vera’s new partnership with VMware, one that will enable customers around the world to quickly and reliably improve data security for every user and device in their organization. At Vera, we debuted a new integration into VMware’s Unified Application Management suite that gives IT and security teams a simple, centralized way to manage everything from applications and desktops to securing data across every layer of the IT stack. Together with our partners in the End User Computing (EUC) unit, Vera can now transform and centralize security management for the more than 500,000 businesses that rely on VMware.

For the first time, business can successfully manage devices, users, applications, and security across physical and virtual environments, at the click of a button. An IT manager at a company of 35,000 employees can now efficiently provision, update, and protect every endpoint in his/her organization. Together, we’re giving you the ability to not only centrally manage every desktop, but also protect every file, every communication your employees create no matter which tools they choose to use. And, by centralizing this all, in a unified management console, you can more effectively monitor the health of the system and immediately take action.

This is the first step of the work we’re doing with VMware and it’s well aligned to our joint vision of providing next-generation data security and application management that delivers a seamless user experience, while meeting the needs of the largest of enterprises. Customers can enhance their data security with strong encryption, tracking capabilities, and simple security audits for information in all forms — at rest, in motion, and in use. This partnership represents the hard work of the EUC team over the last nine months, bringing together the brightest minds at Vera and VMware.

To learn more, request a demo today. We’d love to show you Vera and VMware in action.

By, Ajay Arora

Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer

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